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Beat the Heat: Heat-Related Illnesses Awareness

Heat-related illnesses are common, costly, and dangerous; they can affect anyone at any given time. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), in 2014 alone, 2,630 workers suffered from heat-related illnesses, and 18 died from heat stroke and related causes on the job. By taking proper precautions, heat-related illnesses and deaths can be prevented.

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Employment Law Update: What to Expect from the EEOC in 2017

By Michael D’Ambrise What can we expect from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) this year after the events…

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Free Up Capital

Surety Bonds: An Alternative to Letters of Credit

See the latest from Karl Choltus, Leader of the Beecher Carlson Surety Practice, on the advantages of using surety bonds instead of letters of credit.

Download “Surety Bonds: An Alternative to Letters of Credit” here.

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Personal Asset Protection – Questions Every Board Member Should Ask

By Glen Bailey

Congratulations! After extensive research, interviews, and questions, you’ve decided to accept an invitation to serve on the board of a publicly-traded company. While the new board seat is exciting, you must also consider the potential for securities claims or a lawsuit that may target you personally. Identified in this article are the questions you should ask to ensure the insurance coverage in place protects you and your assets.

Download “Personal Asset Protection – Questions Every Board Member Should Ask” here.

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How Does the NY Department of Financial Services’ New Cybersecurity Rule Apply to You?

By Paula Miller

The New York Department of Financial Services (“DFS”) was established in 2011 as the successor regulatory entity to the now-defunct New York State Banking Department and New York State Insurance Department and has oversight of financial institutions, insurance companies, and investment companies. To keep abreast of industry risk regarding information security, the DFS undertook to draft cybersecurity rules. These rules, finalized in December 2016 and effective March 1, 2017, apply to entities under the direct supervision of the DFS (“Covered Entities”). This new regulation applies to many more businesses than what may initially be assumed, and certainly many that are considered outside the realm of the finance industry.

For information on how this new regulation applies to your business, download “How Does the NY Department of Financial Services’ New Cybersecurity Rule Apply to You?” here.

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D&O Liability – Limits Adequacy

By Glen Bailey and Jane Hahn

Corporate leaders of publicly traded companies commonly ask the following question: “How do we determine adequate limits for our Directors’ & Officers’ Liability (“D&O”) program?” Responses from seasoned insurance professionals may vary widely, serving only to increasing confusion. While determining appropriate D&O limits for a company is not a perfect science, identified in this article are tools available and specific risk profile metrics to help you establish limits that meet your unique corporate needs.

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