Beecher Carlson provides solutions for your unique healthcare risk management challenges.

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We have a team with extensive healthcare experience. Possessing both clinical and risk financing experience, we come prepared to understand and offer creative solutions for your particular challenges.

Beecher Carlson’s National Healthcare Practice is acutely aware of what ails healthcare providers. You can stay ahead of changing risks by leveraging our advanced analytics, financial analysis, modeling, benchmarking tools and, most importantly, our respected healthcare experts.

Beecher Carlson’s unsurpassed risk management expertise in healthcare helps you manage your business, protect your capital, and fulfill your corporate mission of excellent quality and service. Detailed below are some of the solutions to the challenging risks of modern medicine Beecher Carlson can provide.

Create competition in the insurance market

  • Competition generally means better coverage at lower costs. You benefit from our carrier relationships and our ability to create interest in the marketplace.

Provide customized policy design

  • One size does not fit all especially when it comes to risk management in health care. Many policies are filled with ambiguous language and coverage gaps. We find the best policy for your specific risk.

Analyze your claims history

  • One reason for inappropriate premium cost is misinformation about your claims history. By looking at the losses you have incurred and comparing them to the premium you are paying, we can put an actuarial spotlight on this part of your business.

Ensure appropriate reserves

  • Reserves drive premiums and can often be set too high relative to the actual claims costs. Costs can be driven down by ensuring your reserve amounts are appropriate and warranted.

Strategically plan for emerging / future risk

  • In addition to reviewing claims history, it is also crucial to look at where your risk can be mitigated to proactively avoid losses. Check out more information on ZOOM®, our patent pending business process that allows you to focus on strategies to drive down your total cost of risk.

Engage in an aggressive claims defense strategy

  • This is not just about the money; it is about your work and reputation. Our hands-on approach improves the likelihood of proper discovery, investigation, and defense.

Present risk financing alternatives

  • There are different ways to address medical professional liability ranging from guaranteed cost to full self-insurance to a captive. You can make the choice that is right for your organization once these options have been thoroughly analyzed.

Leverage technology

  • Many of your most basic frustrations can be eliminated by utilizing our innovative health care risk management technologies. Our proprietary PULSE software allows for complete online medical professional liability underwriting and policyholder service online. Collabor8 provides a customized extranet where you can use insurance and risk data to assess, analyze, and mitigate your risk and perform key business processes online. Implementing these and other Beecher Carlson solutions into your workflow eases administration tasks and drives down costs.

Protect your assets and position your business for success. Contact us today.