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A proud legacy. A strong community. A rare opportunity. These are the keys to your future. We can help you protect them.

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The unique and specialized risk management and insurance needs of Tribal Nations require a team of specialists dedicated to recognizing and respecting the importance of sovereignty and self-governance.

At Tribal Nation Insurance Services, our core mission is to deliver risk management and insurance needs to our great Tribal Nations.

Tribal Nation Insurance Service is comprised of an experienced group of risk management brokers and consultants whose exclusive focus is to tailor cost-effective risk management and insurance solutions for Tribal Nations. We invite you to explore the Tribal-specific services we offer to help ensure the protection of your Tribal community and commercial assets:

About Tribal Nation Insurance Services

Beecher Carlson is committed to serving those in areas where we have deep knowledge and resources. Our understanding of the unique risk profile that Tribes represent due to your sovereign status led to the creation of Tribal Nation Insurance Services (TNIS), a specialty division within Beecher Carlson. TNIS develops risk management programs and insurance solutions specifically for Native American governments and commercial operations. Our unique focus, coupled with our analytical capabilities, allows us to deliver you the specialized insurance solutions you need to reduce your total cost of risk while protecting your people, property and patrons.

Your tribe can protect itself with personalized insurance and risk management programs based on the key principles of self-determination, self-governance and tribal sovereignty. We believe in an integrated service team dedicated to meeting your short-term needs while ensuring you achieve your long-term objectives.

Superior solutions for Sovereign Nations.

Tribal Nation Insurance Services (TNIS) understands your tribe’s challenge to support a superior risk profile. You encounter different risks as a Tribal Nation and we understand you, therefore, require unique solutions. To achieve better terms and pricing, we must differentiate your risk profile as best in class. This is done with an understanding of relevant risk mitigating factors made affordable through your sovereignty and application of Tribal laws. Do not be lured into a standard package that is rarely right for a Tribal Nation. At TNIS, we believe that your tribe deserves a risk management and insurance program directly centered on your needs.

To maximize the effectiveness of your program, our brokerage team specializes in specific insurance product lines within the Tribal risk profile. Our specialized product lines include:

  • Tribal Worker Benefits and Workers’ Compensation
  • All Risk Property
  • Umbrella Excess Liability
  • Commercial Automobile
  • Professional Liability:
    • Tribal Officials Errors and Omissions
    • Employment Practices
    • Employee Benefits Liability
    • Police Professional
    • Miscellaneous Professional
  • Environmental
  • Self Insurance and Captive Insurance Programs
Protect Your Precious Assets.

Protecting your tribe’s culture, reputation and finances in paramount. Tribal Nation Insurance Services employs a staff of loss control engineers specializing in risk specific to Tribal Nations. Our loss prevention services focus on you most valuable assets:

PROPERTY – property conservation

PEOPLE – employee safety

PATRONS – public liability exposures

TNIS actively advocates for you and assists in reducing your overall cost of claims. We provide comprehensive risk management services to deliver solutions pre-loss, throughout the claims process and post-loss. You can take specific steps to reduce the likelihood of claims. This pre-loss process includes a review of your existing safety and accident prevention programs, trends in accident types, identification of high-frequency losses and higher benchmarks is then developed. In the unfortunate event of a loss, our claims advocacy team steps in to ensure you a quick and appropriate resolution.

Our solutions include:

  • Written recommendations based on loss control visits
  • Worksite hazard surveys to include ergonomic evaluations
  • Observation of valet procedures if applicable
  • Emergency procedure and evacuation evaluation
  • Review of contingency planning
  • Review of fire protection/life safety systems
  • Evaluation of safety committee effectiveness
  • Benchmark employee accident frequency and severity against other Native American casinos
  • Review of current and past loss history to identify trends
  • Loss prevention program audits that utilize findings to formulate action plans
  • Plan reviews on any new construction or major renovations
  • Online access to risk management manuals
  • Plan reviews on any new construction or major renovations
  • Online access to risk management manuals
We Know Tribal Nations.

You deserve the right solution so we focus on fully understanding your needs. We strive to maintain a seamless relationship in hopes you will think of us as an extension of your own risk management department. Our on-staff professionals have first-hand expertise in solving risk management opportunities for Tribal Nations.

One of the reasons for inappropriate premium cost is due to misinformation about your actual exposures and claims history. We place an actuarial spotlight on this component of your Total Cost of Risk to ensure you are receiving the proper value for the premiums you pay.

The areas of tribal risk management expertise that we provide you include:

  • Operational Risk Assessment:
    • Sovereignty Utilization Assessment
    • Hazard Risk Assessment
    • Risk Management Implementation
  • Compact Compliance and Consulting
  • Ordinance Consulting
  • Tribal Worker’s Benefit Code Consulting
  • Contract Review
  • Vendor Compliance
Protect the future of your tribe – contact us to be your advocate.