Innovative companies do not follow trends. They create them.

At Beecher Carlson, we strive to develop new and better technologies that support your business requirements and drive operational excellence. We identify the factors bearing on how each decision will affect your business. The result is evidence-based information that helps you understand the causes of risk within your organization.

Technology, systems, and processes cannot stand still. They must change as industries change. We stand with those who challenge conventional ways of thinking – those who believe a better way always exists.

Detailed below are some of the tools we have created with which we have revolutionized and helped shape the risk management industry.


Transparent Financial Analysis, Simple Decision Making

The more locations your company has across the country, the more difficult it is to accurately allocate your property premiums. Without precisely allocated premiums, it becomes nearly impossible to create an accurate cost analysis or budget for any particular property. Beecher Carlson has developed a way to better manage this time-consuming task.

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An Analytical Approach

At Beecher Carlson, we saw a need to better prepare your business against the likelihood of a securities class action suit being filed and the expected severity of financial loss relating to securities litigation.

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Time is Money

Businesses must make decisions quickly and accurately. That is why we created NOVUS, a browser-based tool with a completely traceable paperless process. NOVUS preserves data integrity; enhances communication; and keeps clients, insurers, and brokers in sync.

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Zoom in on Your Largest Cost of Risk

At Beecher Carlson, we are constantly innovating with state-of-the-art tools such as ZOOM®, our patent pending business process that combines the science of predictive analytics and data mining with hands-on claims consulting and loss control engineering expertise.

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