This Retailer Cut Workers’ Comp Costs By 41 Percent With One Simple Method

October 23, 2018

To create value for our clients, we believe we must know their values, goals, and objectives. Our success is defined by their success, and we are so proud of the 41 percent reduction in lost-time claims, accelerated employees’ return to work time, and reduced insurance costs that 99 Cents Only Stores has achieved!


When an athlete is injured, trainers rush in, make an assessment and assist the player to the bench for treatment.

A large chain of discount stores in the Southwest, 99 Cents Only, implemented the same model for workplace injuries. The pilot program has been highly successful, with a 41-percent reduction in lost-time claims in the first 12 months. The program has also accelerated employees’ return to work and has reduced insurance costs.

On-Site Triage for Injured Workers

“The idea was brought to us by our brokerage, Beecher Carlson,” said Alvina Garcia, senior manager of workers’ compensation and safety at 99 Cents Only…read full Risk & Insurance article here.