Cyber Liability

Defend your data and your reputation.

Cyber risks are becoming increasingly complex and dynamic. They are evolving from simply breaches of personal information to today’s exposures involving explosions caused by hackers, systems destruction by terrorist states, Internet of Things (IoT) denial of services attacks, and medical failures caused by connected devices.  It is more important than ever to understand coverage gaps and crossovers for cyber risks in your insurance program and to set in place protections to reduce your exposure.

Beecher Carlson’s Cyber Risk team provides leading-edge advice and resources to address your complex cyber risk issues. Through the engagement of our cyber specialists working with global markets and preapproved cyber breach prevention and response vendors, we have achieved the following:

  • Built multiple large cyber and technology E&O towers with limits up to $600M
  • Built a $300M tower for one of the largest healthcare entities in the world
  • Negotiated claims payments in one of the largest first party losses in the world
  • Created a proprietary cyber program with market leading coverage

Innovative companies don’t look for trends; they create them. Our suite of proprietary cyber models, named the In-Site series, generates evidence-based information that assists in the evaluation of your cyber risk. Our Cyber Risk team has also partnered with leading providers to create a suite of pre- breach services and to provide risk managers with tools to educate, measure and assess cyber risks, and implement critical solutions.

CyberSelect™, Beecher Carlson’s proprietary Cyber Liability and Data Breach Response policy, offers one of the most comprehensive coverages on the market. CyberSelect™ comes with our Preferred Vendor Management Program, which provides companies with access to preapproved, experienced response firms and breach coaches. There is no need to wait for consent from the insurer to engage vendors; the program allows you to respond rapidly – defending your data and your reputation.

Beecher Carlson is also working on a prestigious project with the Federal government – the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the General Services Administration (GSA) – and the University of Maryland to help identify which cyber security strategies, policies, and operational controls in the NIST framework are most effective in bolstering corporate IT defenses. The latest result of the collaboration is the CyberChain assessment. The assessment can be used to measure your cyber risk against the most up-to-date NIST standard and to securing the best cyber coverage at the best rate.

Contact us today to increase the efficiencies in your program, educate your staff, reduce your risk, and customize your response plan.